Sarah Bush

Sarah Bush (Choreographer) actively seeks out cutting edge collaborations with talented artists—musicians, DJs, designers, filmmakers, visual artists—to create performances that move closer to movement truth and give audiences pure experiences of emotion. Currently, Sarah is the Director of Sarah Bush Dance Project. She studied modern dance at the University of Utah, and has trained in all styles of dance including modern and hip hop in New York, Los Angeles, and the Bay Area. She has choreographed for venues as diverse as her stylistic training: schools, churches, nightclubs, music videos, musical theater productions, dance teams, music artist tours, and cruise ships. Recent credits include choreographing and dancing in Joshua Klipp’s MTV/LOGO Top 10 single Rescue Me directed by Margaret Cho, and appearances on the Tyra Banks Show. As a dancer, Sarah has trained and performed with New Style Motherlode, Loose Change and as a long-time Taiko-playing member of Dance Brigade. She has been a guest performer with Bill T. Jones, a Golden State Warrior’s Warrior Girl, and played parts in theatrical productions: San Jose Repertory Theatre’s Iphigenia at Aulis and Zeola Gaye’s My Brother Marvin at Oakland’s Paramount Theater.